A Little Attention Goes a Long Way

9.30pm. I was walking home in the rain, exhausted. All I wanted was to curl up in bed with a cup of tea and watch Desmond Elliot on YouTube. Umbrella up, head down, I was all but running down the street when I heard a car horn.  I ignored it. The horning didn’t stop. Irritated, I looked up to find out what was annoying the driver. I saw the shiniest Range Rover I’ve ever seen staring back at me. The car had to have been fresh off the assembly line. “Now that’s what I call a car,” I thought to myself. There was no traffic so I didn’t understand why the driver was disturbing the neighbourhood. I forgave him. After paying that much money for his car, he was entitled to press anything inside it as much as he liked.

I kept walking.

The driver horned again. I looked up to find a hairless, middle-aged, thug-like looking man smiling at me.

Ah, the penny dropped.

Who cares if he looks like something out of the Sopranos? I stood up straight and ran my hand through my hair to make sure every braid was in place. I smiled back.

‘You’re gorgeous!’ he shouted.

My power walk turned into a strut. The pavement became my runway. Smiling rather coyly at him, I looked away and carried on walking. As I got close to an intersection, he turned into the street ahead of me and parked.

Ah, don’t park your car, I was only playing with you!

I carried on strutting, though. I couldn’t stop now. He had stroked my ego. I was seriously feeling myself.

When he realised I wasn’t walking in the direction of his car, he drove back onto the main road and kept trailing me.

I was flattered. I kept smiling at him. He smiled back. I’m amazed he didn’t have an accident. Dude was paying zero attention to the road ahead of him.

‘You’re beautiful. Come on, hop in!’ he said, his words falling over themselves. That was when I realised he was wasted.

Hop in to where? If you want to die, please do me a favour and die alone.

My smile disappeared. MEE, what have you gotten yourself into?!

I quickened my pace; the turning to my street was only a few yards away.

“You’re sexy babe. Gorgeous figure. Beautiful smile.”

I looked around me. There was no one within earshot. You wanted to flirt right? Don’t stop now, carry on!

God you know I didn’t mean it. I was only joking!

Just as I got to the top of my road, the car wheezed past me and the next thing I knew, the man had jumped out and was staggering towards me.

I sprinted all the way to my front door. Slamming the door behind me, I stared into the mirror in the hallway.

It wasn’t his fault, I really am gorgeous .


  1. Hahahahahaha good for you lol. Gosh for a second you sounded like you were in my head lol


  2. The downside of being HOT!! If I had a dollar for all the unwanted attention I get…LOL!!


  3. HMMMM I know of a girl who was in a similar situation…

    the only difference was the “brand new” range rover had tinted windows, with 1 passenger in the front and 3 passengers in the back seat that she did not see…

    while she was busy posing and “strutting” her stuff like a peacock, the 3 back seat passengers jumped out to her strutting surprise, and went for her…

    needless to say, over the next 2 weeks that strut turned into a limp…

    she got raped that night and, to this day has never reported it…


  4. You better listen to big brother… Be there wiggling ur behind for mafia looking types in jeeps…

    If it was Nija I’ll have said you don’t even know of he’s a driver or smebody’s security guard posing with the ride. But seeing as it’s jand … Listen to your brother.


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