Those Random Friends & My Newest Enemy

Remember my random friend? The one who works at the train station? He has developed an attitude I don’t like. The other day I saw him outside the station having a passionate conversation with some girl. There was something about his body language that made me think they weren’t just friends. So what if she has nice hair? That’s all she’s got over me! Since that day his greetings have been a lot less enthusiastic. He now says hello like I am just anybody. What happened to the days of flying over the ticket barriers just to catch a glimpse of me strutting out of the station? What happened to wanting to follow me to church just to get my attention? Where have the days of paying me cheesy compliments gone?

Note to Friend: I’m not impressed. You need to fix up sharply. I don’t like being ignored, I do the ignoring. Thanks.

Remember my other random friend? The woman in the cafe who works at my local NatWest Bank? Rumour has it she is courtesy deficient. I have been reliably informed that she is rude and grumpy. It explains why she’s yet to crack a smile at me. Apparently she has a scowl permanently plastered across her face when she’s at work. Forgive us for wanting to withdraw our money. I don’t like rude or grumpy people, who does? Do you think she has friends? I guess we’ll never know.

I made a new enemy the other day. I went to the post office to pick up a parcel. On arrival, I saw a man standing outside. I walked in and approached the counter; there was no one behind it.  I noticed a postman rummaging through parcels in the backroom. I waited a couple of minutes but he didn’t notice me. To my left I saw a bell with a notice above it; ‘Press for assistance.’ Obeying instructions, I pressed it. The postman looked in my direction and then carried on rummaging. I waited patiently.

As the postman approached the counter, the man who’d been standing outside walked in and joined me. I saw the postman’s lips move. What I expected to hear was ‘sorry to keep you waiting,’ but what I heard was, ‘excuse me, I was serving this gentleman. When you see people waiting at the counter, it is rude to press the bell. You have to be patient and wait your turn.’

Words cannot describe how angry I was. They really can’t.

Before I could respond, the man who had been standing outside said, ‘I wasn’t here mate. I went outside to make a phone call. I just came back in.’

‘Oh I’m sorry madam, I didn’t realise. I’m really sorry.’ He looked genuinely sorry.  

 ‘It’s okay,’ I responded but it wasn’t okay. I was furious! Not so much because of his rudeness but because his sincere apology robbed me of the right to go off on one without looking like an idiot.

Note to Postman: The next time you decide to tell me off, don’t. I may well give in to the temptation to sin and repent later. 




  1. Eehhn.. You too go and find fine hair.. You know those brazillian/indian/peruvian/malaysian/indonesian/vietnamese ones.? Yes. You’re now with me..just sport one of those and I’m sure your friend will come right running back to you..never mind you now look like a clone..


  2. That postman pat picture just made my night! My mum always recorded TV on our holidays to take back home.. A lot of taped episodes of Postman Pat (and his black and white cat..hehe). I actually youtubed it last week and watched a couple episodes 🙂
    Another great write up!


  3. ‘excuse me, I WAS SERVING this gentleman. When you SEE PEOPLE WAITING at the counter, IT IS RUDE to press the bell. You HAVE TO BE PATIENT AND WAIT YOUR TURN.’

    ‘I WASN’T HERE mate. I went outside to make a phone call. I just came back in.’

    “He (looked) genuinely sorry.”

    LOL GBAO I wonder if he “looked” as sincere as you women do, when you LIE YOUR BOLLOCKS off to get what you want from men!!

    “apology or no apology” you GOT PUNKED like a mutha!!…


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