Things Are Getting Chilly In Chile

This morning I woke up to the news that three miners had been rescued in Chile. You would have thought they were my brothers…I was ecstatic! I can’t begin to imagine what it felt like to be rapped underground for 2months. *shudder* My prayers have been with them and still are.

It must have been hellish for all the miners and their families but I dare say one wife was given a double portion of heartache. While her husband of 28years was languishing beneath the earth, she discovered he has been having an affair for the last five years!

Like that wasn’t bad enough, the mistress decided she also had a right to keep vigil by the mine…and there, they met.

Like that wasn’t bad enough, the first letter Mr Miner allegedly wrote while trapped, was to his mistress. 28years? Wife? Ki lo n je be…what is that?

Like that wasn’t bad enough, he asked BOTH women to be at the mine waiting to greet him post rescue. Is he for real?! Apparently he loves both women and wants them to be friends. Sigh. There must be something in the air underground.

According to reports, his wife has given him an ultimatum; it’s me or her, take your pick. Can you blame her?

In my opinion, he’s lucky to be given the option. I doubt that I’d be so generous if he were my husband but hey, what do I know, no  one has married me… yet.




  1. The cheating miner and his mistress will eventually get what they deserve…..KARMA! I hope the wife realizes how lucky she is to be rid of this loser. I would have delivered divorce papers down the hole!!


  2. Lol @ ‘divorce papers down the hole’
    Typical man wanting to eat his cake and have it.

    Hvibg said that we don’t know the full story, I’ll hold my judgement until I’ve seen the movie 😉


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