Hello…I’m coming (Diddy Style)

I apologise…yet again. It’s a good sign though, I’m notoriously bad at saying I’m sorry so things are really looking up for me in the character department 🙂 It’s been a busy December as always. Between the guys that pay my wages and my other unpaid full time job (yes, being in my choir is a job and a half…no kidding), I’m struggling to keep up with life in cyber space. Every spare moment is spent catching up on lost sleep. I have many half written posts lying around and I promise I’ll complete at least one, soonest. Thanking you in advance for your patience.

On a random note, what’s with the snow in London?! Should anyone fancy buying me a pair of cute wellies for Christmas, please, don’t be shy. Do it! Heaven knows I need a pair. The number of times I’ve almost fallen in the snow in the last 48hours is insane. I would also like a house in Highgate Village or Hampstead and a car that matches my striking good looks should the wellies be too expensive for you to purchase. Thanking you in advance for you generousity.

On another random note, some of my friends are now scared of me. Two of them in particular finish every sentence with “before you blog about me.” One of the two stayed over at mine recently and after I’d gone to bed, wanted a cup of tea. She was too scared to put the kettle on for fear it would wake me up and I’d crucify her in place of my mother on this blog. She decided she’d rather make her cup of tea using hot water from the kitchen tap than provide me with material. That, I believe, is what they call a self-fulfilling prophecy. Friend, I thank you in advance for your understanding.

Working on some pieces so please keep checking…new posts on their way.


Waila Caan


  1. A www, bless her.
    You don’t scare me Mary  but for real though this blog is a probably the most effective weapon you have, that’s after your razor sharp tongue


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