I Missed You

I’ve been away for two weeks. Fourteen days. Three hundred and thirty-six hours. Three hundred and thirty-five hours, xx minutes and xx seconds. I’m sorry but admitting I know exactly how long I’ve been away, down to the last second, would be pathetic. Oops, too late.  

I missed the snow. The same snow I cursed as I slid on it many times, in my attempts to leave my house. The same snow that disrupted public transport and parcel deliveries for weeks. The same snow that attempted to ruin my sister full stop’s wedding to my in-law times two.

I missed my Uggs.

I missed my million and one pairs of tights.

I missed my winter coats…especially the black one that’s torn in so many places, the fabric could pass for mesh.

I missed the many cups of Earl Grey tea I drink every day. And Carnation evaporated milk.

I missed microwave Indomie noodles. Cooking it on a hob just isn’t the same.

I missed my colleague Bob, the only person in my office capable of stressing me out.

I missed the sickening smell of sardine that has been lingering in my flat since my friend Akuezue Amuche came to visit.

I missed my blackberry messenger and all my cyber friends I chat with but never call. Whatever, you don’t call me either.

I missed my neighbour banging on my wall everytime I open my mouth to speak.

I missed the door of my flat that doesn’t shut until it feels the full weight of my body pressing against it.

I missed my dirty red fabric sofa cover I’ve been meaning to wash for months and still haven’t.

I missed the dust that likes to visit my flat. It visits everyday without fail and I chase it away…once in a blue moon.

I missed my guitar. The guitar that leans against my keyboard, the two gracefully playing host to the dust I scarce chase away.

I missed my shower that likes to release bursts of ice cold water in the middle of a hot shower.

I missed Stylist and Daily Mail online.

I missed Spotify.

I missed blogging, I really did. It just wasn’t possible out there with the snail pace internet access I was cursed with. After I spent 15mins trying to upload a post, I gave up.

I missed my life, life as I know it. It’s not perfect but hey, what is?!


  1. 1- ur not suppose to mix earl grey with carnation seriously Osayi who taught u this!!
    2- u could have taken ur bb you dont pay roaming charge if u use bbm
    3- MICROWAVE INDOMIE!! WHY????????
    4…..where did u go? and did u have fun??


  2. I missed the sickening smell of sardine that has been lingering in my flat since my friend Akuezue Amuche came to visit.

    Habba, did you have to name and shame? Not cool Mary. :p

    For real though i missed you, I missed your blog. I used to visit every other day, just to check to see fun tales from Africa.

    Tell Bob, you’ve got pressing work to do, and get on with uploading post 😉


  3. @ aumcheolalich: LMAO! that sardine smell requires more than febreeze! he he. happy new Year hun. phone call overdue!

    @Jerela: Earl Grey and carnation is the new way…get with the times! Lol. O2 will surely charge ur behind should you dare use your bbm abroad. Didn’t unlock the ohone so couldn’t use a local sim. Was in Sunny Lagos but you’ll be hearing akll about that soon enough!

    @msLuffa: Akuezue Amuch isn’t her real name :-0) Tales from ‘Africa’ coming soon!



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