Tales From My Motherland: Introduction

I spent the last two weeks in Nigeria and boy do I have stories to tell you. I have so much to say that I’ve decided to dedicate this month of January to telling tales from my motherland.

I didn’t want to go on this trip, I really didn’t. So much so that I tried to cancel my ticket on several occasions….and told many lies in the process. I have since apologised to God and I hope that all those I lied to (my mother, my mother and my mother) will also forgive me.

I find visits to Nigeria quite stressful and frustrating. Nothing works the way it ought to and people don’t behave as they should. For someone who likes the simple life, it all does my head in. Flaws aside, I love it.  I get to catch up with family, meet cousins I’ve never met before, make new friends, buy ice-creams and shawarmas for Mr Yusuf our driver and speak pidgin.

I spent ten days in Lagos and four days in Abuja. I refused to visit Warri much to my mother’s disappointment, not because I don’t like the city but because I wanted to rest and I knew it wouldn’t be possible there. With my brother B spitting 100 words per second every second of every day, my other brother G asking questions from sunrise to sunset, my mother sending me on never ending errands and my grandma constantly schooling me on matrimony, it wasn’t the place for the R&R I desperately needed. I love them all but I needed some MEE time.

(Brother B, please do me a favour and DO NOT comment on this post :-p)

For someone who didn’t want to make the trip, I ended up having a great time. Not because I did anything exciting but because I got to rest, catch up on some reading, observe and think.

Welcome to the start of my series, Tales From My Motherland.

Expect plenty of pidgin.


Waila Caan


For those of you who aren’t Nigerian or who don’t understand pidgin, feel free to ask what on earth I’m talking about. If you need any words or phrases explained, post a comment with your query and I’ll explain.


  1. I don’t understand pidgin… what is that? some creolize vernacular? would you happen to be able to furnish me with a link to an online dictionary of some sort?
    MEE welcome back don’t insult me ohhhhh.


  2. Welcome back MEE! Whenever I see that you have updated a blog, I get exited hehe 🙂 I looove your blog and I eagerly await the many tales from your trip to Naij..
    PS Thank God for Mama Mary.. xx


  3. Sorry about the (many) errors in the previous comment… My excuse is that it’s quite late and I ought to be in bed really lol..
    *updated your blog*… *excited* xx


  4. MEE you know WE had fun! I will help you post some info on your debut live performance at a certain place if youdon’t tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! So help you God 😀


  5. I’ll be watching to make sure u update in a timely fashion considering we had to wait forever for mama mary part 2….despite my constant nagging!!! Mwah


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