Get Ready to Think

Hey guys,

I know it’s only Tuesday but so far my week’s been good. Really good. I’m in good spirits and I pray it stays that way.  

When I posted the blog “Faith or Foolishness? You Decide” last week, I wasn’t really expecting anyone to respond but as I type this, my email inbox is chock-a-block. A lot of people had interesting opinions on the village bride’s actions and your responses have got me thinking about how complex relationships are.  I’m currently single and though I’m enjoying life as a singleton, when the time is right, I’d like to bag myself a hubby, have my two children and live happily ever after. For that reason I think about relationships.  

I’m a thinker and I’ve been known on many an occasion to think things to extinction. I’ve analysed relationships to the point that the thought of being in one is beginning to give me a headache. Being single is so much simpler (I think) but seeing as that isn’t the fate I wish for myself, I’d better start grappling with the intricacies of two becoming one.

Over the next few days (or till I run out of scenarios), I’ll be asking your opinion on some of the popular complexities that people in relationships face.

Stay tuned ‘cause the first question is coming right up!


Waila Caan


  1. Hello Mr. Waila
    I’m a Nigerian blogger with wordpress (though new)
    currently, I have about 15 posts or thereabout
    – maybe because I blog with my mobile phone – I have 2 challenges
    1. I don’t know how to embed or insert pictures in my post
    2. The few posts I have to my credit are without tags and I don’t also know how to add these tags which I understand aids the marketability of such posts. I look forward to hearing your response as I’m optimistic that you won’t hesitate to put me through.
    thanks in anticipation.


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