Waila et Toni avec Tété

Ladies and Gentlemen, I saw Tete live at Monto on Thursday last week!!! I only watched him play for half an hour but it was well worth it. I went with the lovely Toni who won my spare ticket on this very blog and can I just say Toni, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you. I was scared you might be a serial killer/stalker but I thank God that you turned out to be normal. I’m still alive and haven’t noticed you peeking through my skylights…yet. Toni is a UX (user experience) designer and I stole this picture of her from her blog. Gentlemen, contact me for more information.

I feel a bit silly writing this post because I have no pictures or videos to show you from the show. I forgot to take my camera and even if I did have it, I probably wouldn’t have bothered. I’m so rubbish when it comes to capturing moments, I’m not sure why I own a camera. I suspect it’s purely a status thing. Lol. I am working on my camera skills though so watch this space.

Toni and I arrived at the venue a little after 7pm to find that my dear Tete had FIVE opening acts. The first of the acts, BabiLondon was quite good. They are an unsigned reggae band and I enjoyed their set. The frontman has pipes like a rocker and dude almost screamed my eardrums to numbness. The other four were….let’s just say we opted to head to Nandos while we waited for Tete to take to the stage. When he finally did, it was worth it. He has the sexiest voice and speaks fluent English in the most tantalising Americo-Franco (I made that up) accent. His guitar playing skills are SICK. He played some stunning riffs and my respect for his musicality went up a hundred notches. It was just him and his guitar but he sure didn’t need anybody else. Yes people, I’m in love. He’ll have to put on  a little weight if he wants me to marry him though. Those legs of his are a little too skinny for my liking. 🙂

I think I embarrassed Toni a little with my Tété fever. Sorry Toni! Lol. Unfortunately we had to leave a little early so I didn’t get to hear his entire set. I just found out he’s playing again at Monto on the 24th of May so you bet I’ll be there to finish off my dose of his medicine. This time I won’t forget my camera. I’ll take lots of pictures and record a couple of videos for you guys to enjoy.

Anyone interested in a ticket, let me know. I’m feeling generous. Or maybe I’m just trying to infect you guys with Tété fever. 🙂




Check out Toni’s blog @ www.teanni.blogspot.com

One comment

  1. erm, I was more interested in learning more about Toni than Tete…
    Did you guys talk and get to know each other better over 1/4 chicken and rice @ Nandos?
    What does Toni think about Tete?
    Do you guys have anything at all in common?
    Is she a keeper?
    Did you scar her for life and you haven’t heard from her since?…
    come on


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