Introducing: Waila Waits

Hey Guys,

It’s been an interesting morning for me.

For many months I’ve toyed with the idea of starting up another blog. In fact, I setup the blog the same time I did this one but it has been lying dormant. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve tried to go live with it. The timing never felt right.

This morning I woke up and the first thing I did was reach for my laptop. By the time I headed into the shower to get ready for work, I’d written my first post for Waila Waits. Yes, it’s called Waila Waits.

A few people have asked me why, what’s the difference between WailaCaan and WailaWaits?

Waila Waits is my online journal of my thoughts on God, the Bible, spirituality and being a Christian at my age, in this day and age. Unlike Waila Caan, its mandate is very specific.

It will be honest. It will be real.

It will be written from my heart.

Check it out!




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