Warfare 101

One half term holiday while I was in senior school, I was shipped to my Uncle T’s house. My mother was in Abuja and I had many a party to rock so I opted to stay in Lagos. The night I got to his house, I discovered he was hosting a night vigil for his charismatic society.

As the prayer warriors started to arrive, I quietly snuck out of the living room and up to bed.

“Oga is calling you.”


“Waila, you don’t want to join us? You have to learn to pray. Come and sit next to me.”

“Aaaw men!

Not only was I tired, I had no desire to pray all night. The problems I had didn’t warrant that kind of supplication. Yes someone stole my Rice Krispies at school and there one obnoxious twerp in the year above me that was trying my patience but I could handle all that.

“In the name of the Father…”

That was how I found myself in the prayer vigil. At first it was tame. A few Hail Mary’s, glory be to the Fathers and the Lord’s prayer…but then things started to heat up. They started binding and loosening every type of demon that exists.

“You demons that are not allowing me to prosper, I bind you in Jesus name!”

“You ogbanje spirit that wants to turn my daughter into an ashewo, I say leave her right now in the name of Jesus!” 

Ptchew?! Do the thing well now!

I’d heard that when people bind demons and don’t direct them to a specific location, the demons roam about and possess anyone in the vicinity. I didn’t need anyone to tell me I was the weakest link in that room.

Waila no dey carry last!

I found the prayer general in me. No way was I going to let any crazy demons possess me! Before I knew it I was pumping my fists in the air, stamping my feet and jerking like an Aba made generator. I redirected every roaming demon to the bottomless pit…apparently that was the best place to send them.  By the time morning came I was exhausted and crawled into bed.

No sooner had I closed my eyes than a demon visited me in dream land. He was the ugliest looking creature I’ve ever seen and came complete with the horns and tail…just like the movies.

“People are binding demons you too want to bind abi?! By the time I finish with you, you will never try that nonsense again. You want to bind abi? You want to bind?”

Fear gripped every single part of my anatomy. I didn’t know what to do. Suddenly I remembered someone telling me that if you have a bad dream and say Jesus, you’ll be okay and so I started screaming, “Jesus! Jesus!”

I woke up to find my Aunt tapping me.

“What’s the matter?!”

I got up and fled to my Uncles room. I told him about the dream and he said not to worry that I just needed to carry on praying and everything would be fine.

“But he said I should never try it again!”

“Don’t mind him. He can’t do anything.”

Yeah right!

I vowed never to pray the kind of prayers I’d prayed during the vigil. Like my grandma says, trouble dey sleep, yanga go wake am. If other people wanted to tackle demons and things, they should go right ahead but me, I didn’t want any trouble. I was just an innocent young girl minding my business in the world and looking for ride to my parties!

The next day when my Uncle called me for evening prayers, I warned him seriously. If they were planning to pray anything other than ‘Lord bless me’ prayers, I was not interested.

“You can’t be afraid of the devil, he has no power over you!”

“That’s why he and his people were visiting me in my sleep abi?! I’ve said my own, anything more than Hail Mary and Our Father, count me out!”

Is it a crime for a girl to visit her uncle?! I beg o!!!





  1. LOL @ “By the time I finish with you, you will never try that nonsense again. You want to bind abi?”

    I wonder what would have happened if you answered back in the dream, saying, “Yes, I want to bind you. Yes. And so?”


  2. This is hilarious! (Ashewo spirit lol) but it’s kinda sad too…the devil is only trying to scare you because he knows how powerful you are with Jesus. Don’t be intimidated…

    BTW all that binding and loosing is not Biblical, Jesus never “bound” any demon.
    Finding out about true Biblical warfare changed my life! Literally!

    You can find out more about true biblical warfare :
    Audio: http://www.awmi.net/extra/audio/1045
    (includes topics like: who made satan; the battle is in your mind)
    Article: http://www.awmi.net/extra/article/believers_authority

    More audio on our authority as Christians:


  3. Waila oohhh, you are quite funny. Lol.

    I agree with Jaycee, i think that next time you should definitely stand up to him. Also, i really don’t think trouble ever really sleeps in our lives, sometimes it is just yet to manifest itself.

    Funny Post! In enjoyed reading this.


  4. @iyasOstuff Thanks for the Wommack links. I’m a gianormous fan of his Bible teaching.


  5. This really cracked me up.. Nostalgic. Funny how parents drag you to night vigils and stuff without embedding in you the basics. You try sha, at least you slept the next night


  6. Waila – I just happened across your blog and you cracked me up this Monday morning in Toronto! I’ve had a similar experience too so it was quite liberating to hear that I was not alone in my consternation at the preoccupation we have with spirits and such—na wa oh!!!!


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