Monologue Series: My Body, My Faith

I’d hoped a few kisses and a little groping would be enough but I overestimated my threshold for self control. I tried to stop but my body wasn’t having it. My heart was racing like sand in a hurricane, my senses, swept up to heights far beyond the reach of my conscience. I remembered Pastor’s sermon on celibacy. Does he think us singles are made or bricks and mortar? What are we supposed to do with our emotions and needs? Pastors, hypocrites the lot of them! After they’ve had their fun and bedded half the female population of the world they become born again, get married and start preaching abstinence. Whatever!

“What about God?” I asked the voice whispering in my head, “What does God know about sex? As his fingers found their way beyond the boundaries of my tank top, I knew it was now or never. If things went any further, I would be powerless to stop him. I remembered the last time we did this. I promised myself, promised God it wouldn’t happen again yet there I was, about to drop my skirt round my ankles and satisfy the lust of my flesh. Surely God would forgive me this time too? Besides, He’s all knowing so He knew this would happen, no? Yes, if I confess my sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive me. I asked if he had protection and when he nodded I made a mental note to repent and gave myself up to the moment.

I shouldn’t have. I felt sick, kill me now and end my misery kind of sick. What was I thinking?! I couldn’t breathe, the weight of the guilt was cutting off my air supply. I stared at my naked form sprawled on the sofa and for the first time understood how Eve must have felt when she first discovered she’d been roaming the garden in all her glory. I reached for the throw dangling from the arm of the sofa and wrapped myself in it. When he kissed me goodbye I feigned enthusiasm. I didn’t need him hanging around trying to find out what was wrong, I wanted him gone. Again I remembered Pastor’s sermon on celibacy, this time it made sense. I thought about how hard I’d been working on my relationship with God after the last time. I’d repented and knew God had forgiven me but couldn’t forgive myself. For months I was convinced everything that went wrong in my life was my punishment. I had just about gotten the hang of this celibacy thing. Why did I run into Babs at the gym?!

Dragging myself off the sofa, I made my way to the bathroom. Standing under the shower, I began to scrub myself clean. I scrubbed and scrubbed but the dirt wasn’t external. I stared longingly at the bottle of bleach standing next to the bathtub. Perhaps it would beach my blackened soul? I shook the thought out of my head. Wrapping myself in a towel, I turned off the shower and made my way into the bedroom where my white bed sheet stared mockingly at me. “So much for purity,” it smirked. I wept. Never again, I promised God, never again! I knelt and began to pour out my heart in prayer. I told him how frustrated I’d been, how hard I’d tried to stay away from Babs. For the next three days I fasted, prayed and ignored Babs’ calls, deleted his messages.

On the fourth day I was getting ready for bed when I heard my doorbell. “Ignore it,” a voice whispered in my ear. “It might be important,” another warned. I decided it might be important and opened the door to find Babs staring at me, confusion in his eyes. “Why have you been avoiding me Anita?”

“We shouldn’t have, I shouldn’t have.”

“You shouldn’t have done something that’s as natural as breathing? How many times will we go over this? I’m a Christian too you know. God hates promiscuity, but there’s nothing wrong with intimacy between two people who genuinely care about each other. You know I want to be with you, I want us to go the distance.”

“If it’s so right why do I feel so guilty? I can’t let it happen again, I just can’t! ”

“You can and you will! We both know you want this as much as I do, why fight it?!” Taking my face in his hands, he kissed me. My head forgot, my body remembered. “Did that feel wrong?”

“No,” I whispered. That was all the invitation he needed.


  1. “there’s nothing wrong with intimacy” i think there’s a lot more truth to that comment than we might realize. i too have struggled with similar feelings of guilt, and i have to tell you, i think God isn’t nearly as hung up on sex as His followers are – i think in most instances, He’s far more concerned with WHY we do things instead the things we do. Enjoy both your body and your faith 🙂


  2. Ah, pornography o!!! May you never write this type of thing again…IJN. Hmm! You must say seven (7) hail marys and ask God to forgive you for this pornographic piece! I’m watching you!


  3. This monologue reminds me of the common saying “nothing is new under heaven”
    That bab is a naughty boy sha. When is he going to talk marriage.


  4. Hummmm….nice writting! Ive been there myself and I always repent. Just know that God loves u and TRY to do ur best! Much success!


  5. I actually smiled at the end… no make that a big grin! However hard it is…it can be controlled…you knw why…when that doorbell rang, you might (the character) have thought for a fleeting second or a full minute that it might be him and quelling that thought, yet entertaining it in the subconscious, you dashed to the door….and Voila!!! Your cupcake at the door!!! Haha!


  6. i more than relate with Anita o!!! knowing he’s coming, telling yourself you guys wont ‘do’ while you are making sure you look nice and all.:D lol.. all i can say is His grace is sufficient for us..


  7. “I’m a Christian too you know. God hates promiscuity, but there’s nothing wrong with intimacy between two people who genuinely care about each other”

    Like seriously??!!

    Afi k’Olorun saanu!
    Same lie from the serpent to Eve to Adam! A lie from the pit of hell!
    lol… Anita oniro! Like she didn’t know (or have an inkling) it would be Babs at the door!
    Kai! Esu l’agbara, koni igbala


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