Not So Brief Catch Up

Hello people!

I’m so happy I’m done with the monologue series. I was hit by a severe case of shingalinga after the first instalment and but for some of my faithful readers who bullied, harassed and insulted me, I doubt I would have delivered…so thank you!  Lol.

Work has been really busy the last few months and trying to get time off is a nightmare. I had two holiday requests turned down earlier in the summer so I was relieved when I managed to get the last couple of weeks off. I packed my bags and headed off to Obamaland to rest, have fun and explore some options for the future. It was awesome!  I started off in Chicago and then hopped over to Boston to crash some business school parties. Chicago was all about shopping and doing touristy things but Boston was a refresher of freshers week. My friend Sparrow just started business school at Harvard and walahi, if anyone tells you they went to business school to learn, they are lying! I got dragged to party after dinner after drinks (not that I complained) and I tell you, freshers can’t compete with those guys. I found myself, a responsible adult, in a room full of intelligent high flying learned professionals playing flip cup! I’d never even heard of flip cup before I walked into the room and I am ashamed to tell you that I’m a natural at it. Lol. For those of you who don’t know what flip cup is, . I wasn’t about to punish myself drinking beer so Sparrow and I cheated and substituted beer with sprite. Good times.

Dear Americans, please permit me to give you an unsolicited lecture.  The word gratuity refers to a gift or reward, usually of money, for services rendered; a tip, something given without claim or obligation. As it is a discretionary reward, you should not expect to be tipped for a service you have been paid to provide.  IT IS NOT BY FORCE. I work hard for my money and reserve the right to spend it as I see fit. I resent the tipping culture that has poisoned the American service economy. I hop in a cab and tell the driver where I’m going. He doesn’t say a word to me, not even ‘hello’. The driver spends the entire journey listening to music in his local language, munching on a cheese burger and noisily sipping coke from a disposable cup. I get to my destination, pay him the fare showing on the meter and he has the audacity to demand a tip. For what exactly?  The stench of cheese and grease that infiltrated my nostrils, the sound of him sucking on a straw or his complete lack of manners and cabbie etiquette? I think not.

The whole tipping thing really gets on my nerves. Demanding a tip is in extremely poor taste and such vulgar behavior should not be encouraged. Another cab driver in Boston (who did nothing to earn it) was given a tip he thought was too little and demanded we give him more. I almost convulsed in anger. If you get a tip, be grateful, if you don’t, think about ways you can improve the delivery of your service. I have no problem tipping as long as I feel I’ve been served well. Taking my order and dropping a plate of food in front of me doesn’t automatically earn you a tip. Did you smile at me? Were you pleasant? Did you make me feel welcome? Did you attempt to engage me in conversation, however briefly? Those are some of the things that will earn you my spare cash. I do not tip for tipping sake and I will not be bullied into doing so. If you want a tip, work for it. Lecture over.  

In other news, it has finally rained in the desert that was my love life and I have discovered that my heart isn’t made of cement after all. Phew!

I have some ideas for this blog and I’m still trying to decide if they are good or not. Some of you know that I sing and instead of just singing in the shower, in front of my dressing mirror and at church, I’m toying with the idea of doing covers and originals (I write too) and uploading them on here for you guys to enjoy…or not. I’m just worried that I won’t be consistent and those of you that bully me will have fun harassing me. Lol. I’m also thinking of creating new pages on here and moving my other blog (Waila Waits) so that this blog becomes a one-stop-shop for all things Waila. I hate clutter and information overload though so I’m not sure about that. Good idea or bad idea?

I’ve rambled enough for one post but before I stop, I want to thank you all for reading. I’m amazed that anyone is interested in what I have to say and you’ve really encouraged me and fuelled my dreams. God bless you plenty!  I’d like your opinions as to what you think I should do to make this blog more interesting so pls, comment away!




  1. “In other news, it has finally rained in the desert that was my love life and I have discovered that my heart isn’t made of cement after all. Phew”

    So my amebo from earlier this week was valid?????he!he!he!


  2. HAHAHA!!!!! MEE you finally experienced the crase of Americans. I have to say I spend majority of my time arguing with cab drivers, delivery boys and bar attendances. I went through the threats of cops calling and beating but to God be the glory I survived. I just refuse to be cheated.

    Funny story I tipped $5 for drinks worth $7 at a bar because my friend didn’t have cash and when you tip you don’t ask for change (ROTF) to crown the story I tipped the cloakroom attendances for collecting my coat (Imagine a night of free loading asper student turned out to be an expensive night of tipping). I have loads of tales to tell because I have come to the realisation that in as much as I love Americans (please send the green card my way) this people are just not normal.

    My two pence, everything on one page. Please feel free to sing and post you can use soundcloud if you like (I should get paid for referral)


  3. Yes, o…everywhere you go here you have to give a tip. Even if the service was ultimately punishable. Lol.

    PS: You’re a talented writer now. Ever wonder why we keep coming back? He he he….

    PSS: Looking forward to the new things you have in store for us o…


  4. lol @ flip cup and being a natural at it.. too funny.
    Surprised you didn’t mention that these cab drivers don’t even know their way around and will proceed to lock you in the car if you refuse to pay them their ‘tip’… walahi, they are so frustrating!


  5. babes so with you on the tipping, call me what you want but I only tip for good service. Afterall I only get a bonus at work when i exceed expectations.

    True story, went out with boo, and we had a waiter from hell…..i was so pissed i told boo not to tip. Then i changed my mind and told him to tip $0.01. We were leaving the restaurant and the silly man came after us asking why did we do that, I looked at him and told him he better get out of my face. the $0.01 was far too generous compared to the service he provided.


  6. funny how you just mentioned how the wait is over re love life… JOKER!!! How about a full de-brief on what happened, who it’s happenend with etc… lol…

    Don’t get me started on cab drivers wanting tips. I was once insulted by a NY cabbie. He literally told me to get out of his car quickly and called me an f’ing waset of his time. Imagine that! The next time i had to take a cab i was actually quite scared and opted to manoevuer my way through the subway system instead… kmt… nonsense.


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