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Last night I caught up with my very dear friend, MsLuffa. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed her till I saw her. She is one of my best friends and I hate that I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like. Anyway, our conversations are always very interesting. We talk about any and everything and we almost always see things differently. I call her my perspective friend because she never fails to show me the flip side of the coin. The bone of contention last night was early marriages…21year olds getting married to be precise. Personally, I would be extremely concerned if my 21 year old child came to me asking for my blessing to get married. MsLuffa on the other hand was very open to the idea. While we both agreed that at 21, some people are potentially mature enough to make such a massive decisions, I couldn’t see past the number 21. At 21 I had just graduated from University. I hadn’t a clue what I wanted to do with my life and after three years of living in a bubble, I was thrust into the big bad world rather unceremoniously. That’s me though; other people’s experiences are undoubtedly different. I know that some people don’t go down the University route and at 21, many have considerable work and life experience and have done some extraordinary things with their lives. That notwithstanding, I still feel there’s no rush. In America, they would only just be legally allowed to consume alcohol! Anyway, I will cross that bridge if I ever come to it.

Have you ever felt like a ‘weist’? Do you currently feel like a ‘weist’? Weist equals waste for those of you not privy to the inside joke. I open the papers and see people my age, worst still, younger, doing extraordinary things with their lives. They are living out their dreams while I lie in bed dreaming. I usually console myself by telling myself everyone’s destiny is different and God will make all things (in my life) beautiful in his time. I sincerely believe that but I also know that there are things I could and perhaps should be doing to get closer to achieving my goals. Faith without works is dead. DEAD! I need to get off my backside and start being proactive about my dreams and visions for my life. I AM NOT GOING TO BE A WEIST!!!

Have I told you how much I despise T-Mobile?! If I haven’t please let me tell you no; I detest T-Mobile with all my heart! It’s been five years since they stepped on my toes and I’m still chewing on that beef. I need deliverance. When I beef a company, I beef hard. Why am I telling you this? So that you can help me warn 02! They are really trying me these days. I haven’t upgraded my phone in over 36months and now that they’ve finally released a phone I want, they won’t give it to me free of charge. A loyal customer like me! When I tried the once foolproof tactic of threatening to cancel my contract, the silly sales rep offered to give me my pac code! She called my bluff!  LMAO! I knew I wasn’t ready to end our turbulent relationship so I hung up before she could generate the code. Warn them, they are testing me!!!

I’m toying with ideas for a new series. Is there anything you would like me to write about? By anything, I mean anything.  I’m ready for a challenge. If there is, just drop a comment on this post and I’ll get cracking on it. I’m seriously lacking inspiration at the moment.

Happy Thursday mes amis!




  1. lol… its ma first time commenting on here but i had to becos this article really resounded wiv ma spirit babes…. i completely relate with feeling like a weist and i also know its about time i get off ma backside and pursue the dreams utilize the talents God has put in me but then silly things like the costs involved, a fear of the unknown seem to hold me back… so when i read this i was like omg shes talking to me…. :0

    All ama say is keep doing your things sister….


  2. When I tried the once foolproof tactic of threatening to cancel my contract, the silly sales rep offered to give me my pac code!

    Ak – You’re kidding me right… when u threatened cancel your contract they offered to give you your PAC code????….I’m astounded I would have thought they’d rather try and retain your custom with them…wow


  3. Gurl,, I feel you.. it seems like everyone but me is doing some amazing things with their life and I’m just in my bed day dreaming..LOL.. I AM NOT GOING TO BE A WEIST!!! I need to tell myself that everyday..
    What happened to Waila Waits.. I really miss that blog and need you to update it ASAP.. Please keep doing what you are doing and God will strengthen you.. Amen!!
    What happened to your friend MsLuffa, I have been an avid reader of her blog and she has NOT updated it in a long time.. I hope all is well with her!!


  4. Hmmmm don’t beat yourself too hard babes. Half of the peeps claiming to be doing bigger things are only doing well on paper. Writing is your passion and you do it well on both your blogs so wont consider you a weist 🙂

    Tmobile is just so cheap compared to the others so i accommodate their madness also…..Girl when you don’t get what you want, hang up and call back. Once i got the answer i wanted like the 7th call. Just kept calling back 🙂


  5. 😦 thats how i feel every weekend when I should be studying and instead I am catching up on my shows via project free tv. On a brighter note I think you should write about something for the ladies… the waiting room! your experience there, how it feels to be out . And if you don’t get me let me know I will email you the ‘koko’ lol xx


  6. Babes, a zillion of us can relate with being a weist. And just like you, we believe destinies play out differently 😀
    Dunno about Tmobile; o2 and co! But I can wring the necks of airtel + MTN right now! arrrrrgggggrrr
    Relax and some inspiration will come babes :*


  7. I love our chats. They are like water to a camel in a desert. Enough food for thought to keep me going for months.

    All in can say about Tmobile is that I’m paying a fiver a month for 900 minutes, unlimited free texts and free internet. The real cost of this has been over 10 years of enduring poor reception, poor customer service and coughing up over £45 a month to pay for phones and barely there service. Will i switch – no. I can’t be bothered to search for a better deal and £5 a month really is a bit unbeatable… See what we have to endure.

    Of all the people in this world that I know, you are the last person I’d consider a weist. I don’t want to expose you on your blog, but you are blessed with talent in a many things and you’ve developed skills in all sorts of things. If you feel like a weist it’s because you’re comparing yourself by other people’s standards, how about measuring yourself by God’s standards for you ?

    Funny enough i was talking to someone about you on Satruday and we had to hold back from beefing your many skills and talents.


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