Thank You God For Good Friends!

Hey guys,

I got a lot of feedback from people on topics to write about.  Most by email and a few on bbm from friends. Thank you to those who sent in ideas.

The first topic I’ll tackle is friendship. I don’t know what I did to God but he has blessed me with the most amazing friends. I don’t mean to play ‘my-friends-are-better-than-your-friends’ but really, my friends are better than your friends! Lol. The bible talks about ‘a friend that sticks closer than a brother’ and I can say in all sincerity that that is the calibre of friends that I have. They are like blood…but better because they aren’t obligated by biology to love me…they have chosen to do so of their own free will and that makes it even more special.  *reaches for kleenex*

I’m no expert on friendship so rather than attempt to lecture you, I’ll give you examples of the things I love about friendships, using my friends as examples. Friends, this isn’t a roll call of my favourite friends so if you’re not on here, it doesn’t mean I love you any less. Think of this as a sample. *kisses*

I’ll start with Stinkus. Stinkus is like that pillar in your house the council won’t let you tear down…immovable. We’ve been friends since primary school and she is my oldest friend. I call her ‘the one that gets me.’ We have that old married couple thing going on.  She’s been a part of my journey and if there’s anyone that can tell you about me, it’s her.

Then there’s MoinMoin, the one who time and distance cannot get rid of. I call her the ‘low maintenance one.’ She’s the one I don’t see or speak to often…but it doesn’t change things between us. We just have each other back. It’s very uncomplicated.

Meet MsLuffa. I call her ‘my love at first sight.’ I met her about six years ago and we bonded instantly. She’s the straight talking one, the one that isn’t afraid to tip a bucket of cold water over my head to wake me up to reality. Yet in spite of her plain speaking, she is very sensitive and intuitive.

Then there’s Sparrow, the one I call ‘my lover.’ She is the one that romances me, she is like a toaster. She knows how to woo me.  If she were a guy, she’d be a successful player…’cause she romances plenty others too and yet manages to stay on top of everyone.

Meet CrawCraw, I call her ‘the real one.’ She’s the one I’m most likely to divulge my most shameful secrets to because she has an air of safety about her…and doesn’t play judge. She is also the one who can really relate to my life experiences and gets my life like no one else.  

Then there’s TheMan, the one that lurked, chose and is now stuck with me. I call him ‘the rock’s rock.’ I’m usually the strong one but even the strongest of human beings needs a shoulder to lean on and he is that shoulder for me.

I’m very grateful to have friends (on this list and off) who encourage and support me in every way… spiritually, materially, emotionally… going over and above the call of duty. We disagree and have differences of opinion but we’re incredibly civilised about handling our differences. Sometimes I ask myself if it’s normal that my friendships are 100% drama free. God bless you all for keeping my stress levels down.

Here’s to good friends. Love you all more than I love indomie!!!




  1. Awwwww. very nice, but my friends are better than yours 🙂

    #jesskidding….but on the real though you have to love good friends because its a choice. But I’m sure you are just as good to them as they are to you.

    quote of the day: “My friends are my estate. Forgive me then the avarice to hoard them” – Emily Dickinson


  2. “I’m usually the strong one but even the strongest of human beings needs a shoulder to lean on and he is that shoulder for me.” Ditto!!!

    Eyahhhh…I like this post. CrawCraw…cracked up at that one.


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