A Quick (ish) Catch Up

Hey guys,

How are you all doing?

Am I the only one that can’t believe how quickly the year has gone by?! I vividly remember exactly how I started this year and I’m amazed at how much has gone on. I stopped making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago because as you know, they don’t count for toffee. Thankfully, I have achieved a few of the things I was quietly hoping to and even though I’m not quite the person I hoped I would be, I’ve made progress.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the abortion series? I’ve had quite a few messages on twitter and via email and I thank you all for your kind words, constructive criticisms and encouragement. I’ve got one more story to publish to wrap up the series and then it’s on to the next challenge. Heaven knows what that one will be but I’m looking forward to it. If you have any ideas about what you’d like to read about, please send me a message and I’ll do my best to tackle as many as I can.

I’ll be setting up a Facebook page in the next few days so if you are on Facebook, please look out for the Waila Caan page and like it! I’m also on Twitter and my twitter handle is @WailaCaan. It has taken a while but I’ve finally managed to maintain some level of consistency with my tweets.  All things are indeed possible. My email address is wailacaan@gmail.com so please, however you choose, send in your ideas. I could do with inspiration.

In other news, I have a flu and it’s doing my head in. I’ve had a constant headache for the last 48hours, my nose is blocked, the sneezes are epic and this chesty cough is the stuff of dying men. I look a hot mess. I find blowing my nose a pointless exercise (the more you blow, the more it clogs up) so I’m one of those annoying snifflers. I must have really irritated the woman sitting next to me on the train this morning because she dug in her bag, pulled out a pack of tissues and offered me one. I say offered but really, it was an order. Her eyes said “girl if you don’t take this tissue and blow your nose I will slap you silent.” I couldn’t tell her I had tissues in my bag and pockets so I cheesed like she was offering me a scarce commodity and thanked her.

In other news, something has been bugging me lately. I’m really worried about the power of celebrity as fuelled the media. They have become gods and goddesses, idols, to our generation, propagating and reinforcing warped morals and ideals. I wonder what the Church is doing while all this is going on. We need to get out there and give people, young kids and the youth in particular, an alternative. They need to know that there is another way and that there is more to life than nudity, sex, alcohol, drugs and materialism.  I fear that I might have to lock my children up in a room and only let them out to play in the snow when it falls. If this is the world they will be born into, only God can help them.

Anyway, back to work I must go. Please don’t forget to send in your ideas.




  1. My head’s dizzy now, dunno where to start from ha! 😀
    Pele about the flu, do get well soon & stop looking a mess jo
    I kinda think 2011 went too fast really! Now now, we are already counting down to 2012! In all glory be to God.. Can’t say I got all I’d desired at the beginning of the year but yaaayyy! I’v got reasons to be thankful cos “a living dog is better than a dead lion”.
    Don’t worry, we might end up as neighbours & our children will find a sane world created specially for them. Me, have kukuma said it & stl saying it that all the MOUNT ZION films shall be the only ones viewed by my children #nolongthing 😀
    “Love” the abortion series. Esp, the fictions.. The way you brought to mind that sometimes choices are made out of no choices! Emphasises a life lesson I learnt some years back, ‘don’t be quick to judge, as life doesn’t play out the same way for everyone’… May we continue to enjoy God’s mercies… It’s well


  2. Seriously thought about this for some time (couple of years) and I am still thinking. The church has refused to seperate itself from the world but has become a part of it.
    Methinks locking your children up will only make them animals when they eventually get released. Examples of some Pastor’s kids all over the world?
    Hope you are better now


  3. Hey Waila
    (I always think wahala, or walai….but that is just me),

    Too many things to write, but I’ll try to be concise 😉

    I also don’t like snifflers….but that is just me and one of the minor examples of my OCD – that will be discussed off-line.

    Wrt ccelebrity, thing is it has been around forever, and will continue to be (think back to ancient times when people dressed like their queens/used makeup like them./even in UK, the first actresses were huge celebrities and worse, people had problems separating their identity from their acting – imagine referring to Angelina Jolie only as Agent Salt (in Salt) or Aniston as Rachel.

    So I guess the good thing is that now, we are able to separate them from their roles, to some extent. Although the bad is that now we know too much about their personal lives. I doubt it will go away. Yes to giving young people an alternative. But that alternative is already there – I mean, we are both not wanting to be Jordan (I think not).

    I guess the key is to teach our children the values of doing what you enjoy/truly love – and if they become a celebrity in the process, that is an added bonus, or an added pain (for me the idea of being famous is bittersweet).

    Looking forward to Abortion Series finale! x


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