Greetings From…Good Ol’ Blighty

Yes people, I have returned from sunny Nigeria and with a tan too. I may have to invest in some bleaching cream to get my complexion back to normal.

I had a wonderful time in the motherland and was a little sad as my cousins and I journeyed to the airport. We spent the journey rocking to P-Squared’s ‘The Invasion’ album which I’d never heard before. I very quickly lost my desire to remain in the country thanks to the chaotic state of Murtala Mohammed International airport. My flight was grossly overbooked so only people who had checked in online were guaranteed a seat on the flight. Thankfully I was one of them.  There were many angry people at the BA check-in desk I tell you. I spent over an hour trying to get through security and there isn’t a word to express how frustrated I was, especially as the delay could have been avoided if the people running the airport had one brain cell between them all. The guy standing behind me cursing and whining in his ‘Igbotic’ American accent didn’t help matters. I wanted to tell him to shut-up so badly!

Anyway, spending time with family and friends is always good.
My cousin Ruth is a star I tell you. She spoilt me silly and if I could give a great big smacker on the lips, I would! Amongst other things, she made a last minute dash to the market to buy me a Ludo board after the one @SingleNigerian bought me got broken in transit from Abuja to Lagos. Sadly, the replacement she bought got broken too and was subsequently confiscated by security staff at Murtala Mohammed airport. Something about not allowing glass on the plane. I could have cried I tell you. I am now the disappointed owner of four dice and two sets of ‘Ludo people’ as my friend Stinkus calls them.  I guess Ludo and I just weren’t meant to be.

My other cousin, whose name I have changed from EverReady to Judas, abandoned me because of a woman. See what woman does to man?! Judas and his fiancé, IscariBaby, got engaged on New Year’s Eve. I congratulate the happy couple and I’m deliriously happy for them but make no mistake, I will have my revenge!

My freshly braided hair is a massive hit with the guys in my office. One of them went as far as declaring it the best they’ve ever seem my hair. I wasn’t that wowed by it but after the many compliments, there’s a new swag in my step. *wink*

You all know I’m an avid reader and last year I embarked on an exploration of books by African writers. On my trip, I picked up 15 new books. I was like a woman possessed and Judas almost lost his eyeballs when we got to the till and the cost of my madness was totalled. In my defence, I was possessed! Blame it on the spirit. I can’t wait to get through my stash. I will post a picture of my stash soon as well as the titles and authors so that those of you who want to, can get ahead of me. Waila Reads will be very active this year.

Now I’m back and no longer in holiday mode, I have to start thinking about what’s next for Waila Caan. In the meantime, expect random posts and get ready to debate as I have plenty of scenarios for us to hash out.

By God’s grace, this year I will stop procrastinating and write my debut novel. Any Amen’s to that?

Lunch is over, must return to work. I have over a hundred emails to sift through and plenty of bugs to test.

Happy Tuesday!




Happy birthday to my darling Stinkus! God willing, we will grow old together, live to see each other achieve all our visions and dreams. Love you much!


  1. Uhhh can’t wait to see your stash….Please do share.

    I’m sure you’re glad you made it out before the strike.Happy new yr darl


  2. *Now getting into preparation phase for debates* | Nice hair, even though I can’t see it through the blog post. Lol @ “Ludo People.” That had me giggling…


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