New Series Alert: A Time To Die

Life is unpredictable.One minute it all makes sense, the next, it’s like something out a soap opera.

I’ve got death on my mind and with good reason. People die all the time but never before have so many people closely linked to me been laid to rest. I’m not afraid to die neither am I afraid of people around me dying but that doesn’t negate the reality that the dead will be missed and those of us left behind have to learn to live without our loved ones…and with the myriad of complications that their loss potentially deals us.

We will all die someday, there’s no escaping it. Now more than ever, I am determined to live each day purposefully and make my relationships and my life count for something.

I encourage you to do the same.

And so a new series begins.

May the souls of the dead AND the living rest in perfect peace.

Stay tuned.



One comment

  1. hmmmm… Death’s so permanent! It’s scary most times. There’s nothing more fulfilling than consciously living a purpose driven life.
    Like the Psalmist, I can’t help but ask God to teach me to number my days, so as to apply my heart to wisdom. Each day lived should be valued as it’s truly a gift.
    I try not to dwell on disappointments; regrets; anger; lack; some days the tug is harder but when I remember that AIYE YI O LE, I let go and re-channel my thought to more refreshing things; fostering relationships and goodwill… So that when I pass away, people will truly mean it when they say “Sola has gone to be with the Lord” 🙂
    And sometimes, death is beautiful! haaaahaahaa


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