Waila is Getting Married!!!

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.


On the left hand ring finger now sits a stunning bit of bling and yes, I can’t stop staring at it!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not keen on weddings. It’s ironic that I now find myself in this position. I warn you in advance, if I don’t do things the way you are used to, don’t be surprised. The biggest shock of all is that for someone who swore not to have a traditional Nigerian wedding, I am super excited about tying a wrapper round my chest and having coral beads in my hair Benin style. Friends, be ready to tie your wrappers round your chests. Your days of sewing funky styles with aso-ebi are OVER! *evil laugh*

As expected, the whole world has been asking how it happened and blogging about it is my way of telling the story ONLY ONCE. 🙂

I’d always said to my gentleman friend (must find him a new name) that I didn’t want a public proposal. I wanted something super private with just the two of us involved. I’m not one for ceremony, pomp and pageantry so I didn’t want any fuss…and I got what I wanted…and it was super special. 🙂

We’d been talking seriously about getting married in the last three weeks and as soon as he called my mum to give her the speech, the planning started. It was a little weird because my mother was busy planning my traditional wedding and asking me about colours and fabrics but I couldn’t  tell anyone about it because I didn’t have a ring. As the plans for the wedding were in motion, I knew the proposal was on its way. I’m a VERY helpful person so I figured I’d give the gentleman friend a hand picking out the ring. He couldn’t believe it when I sent him a link to the ring I wanted but I promised him I’d act surprised when he got round to presenting it so I hope that lessened the shock. LOL. Even worse, I knew when he’d ordered the ring because when I went on the website to check, my size was no longer in stock. The website offered free next day delivery so three days later when he still hadn’t popped the question, I got a little jittery. Forgive me, patience isn’t one of the virtues I currently possess. *hides face*

Yesterday I found myself in a mall and somehow, my feet found their way to a jewellery store. There were two rings I’d been torn between and as I walked in, the first ring I noticed was the Option B I’d decided against. When I saw the ring in the flesh, it was love at first sight. I knew he’d bought the other ring though so what to do?! Call him of course! Lol. I told him I wasn’t sure which one I wanted anymore. The poor guy sighed, asked where I was and came to pick me up from the mall. We drove to his house and he went upstairs to ‘get something’.

I was waiting for him at the foot of the stairs and lo and behold, he appeared holding a box in his hand. We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity… and then burst out laughing. We couldn’t stop laughing for a good 10mins. When we finally composed ourselves, he went down on one knee and I tell you, the atmosphere changed.

Suddenly he turned serious and I was blushing like the sun sits on my cheeks.  Even though I knew he was going to propose, when he got down on one knee, I promise you, I was in shock! He was nervous as heck; his hands were unsteady; but he gave the most eloquent speech of his life and l REMEMBER EVERY WORD!!!

The rest as they say, is history.

He had a nice romantic proposal all planned. He was going to turn up outside my house early this morning, sprinkle rose petals on the path to my door and have a bunch of flowers waiting for me so that when I opened the door to head out to work, I’d get the shock of my life. Sorry for ruining that plan babe! Lol.

After he proposed, I still had the dilemma of which ring to settle for. In the end we went to the store together and the moment I put the option B on, I knew it was the one.

How crusty does my skin look?! LOL.

Ladies and gentlemen, I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!




  1. *shedding happy tears*… Too happy for words. I feel like i’m the one getting married. bizzare!!! Brings back memories and I’m so happy you’re this happy. (grinning like an idiot at my desk at work – colleague giving me side-eye)

    going to google benin weddings, needs to know what this wrapper stuff is all about.


  2. Nae! Sounds very like you. Congrats 😀 norrin berra than getting exactly what you want. Sorry I can’t return the favor — if I sing at your wedding I think you’ll lose all your guests, but I’m here for anything else if you need help!
    xoxoxoxoxo – Mrs. CC


  3. OMG……this is so you. I can’t stop laughing at your extraness(if its a word). But i love the part of both of you cracking up for like 10mins. I just get the feeling you are marrying your best friend, if you can discuss changing your ring last minute, you can definitely discuss anything. lol

    Congrats babes 🙂


  4. Awww Waila, lovely story, Waila that used to run around in her pant and play with sand and stones is all grown up now :-p
    I am extremely happy for you and thank God for both of you. I know you wedding day is going to be exquisite and tons of fun, a very glorious day.
    Your ring is beautiful. Your wahala plenty sha * sticking out my tongue at you*


  5. Waila, please tell me its going to be in London. I beg I can’t miss it for the world. Must I say he is very cute. So happy for you girl. The ring is beautiful.


  6. My baby girl is getting married. Happy Bunny!!!!!!Congrats. please is this wedding taking place in Nigeria? Abuja to be exact.


  7. Lol @ Mrs ECC. My Nayness, I am so happy 4 u hun :)) Er I want to hear the details of the speech o….sorry can’t help it, the diva in me hehe


  8. Clearly I haven’t been here in ages re: the new lay out!
    Congrats on getting engaged!!! I def. second that, we want the details of the speech.:-)
    xxx Tola


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