Happy New (ish) Year!

Hello people!

I know I’m late but HAPPY NEW YEAR folks! Praying God’s grace and peace over you all in 2013.

I’ve gotten into so much trouble for not calling people to wish them a happy new year, it’s unreal. I never do so surely, my friends and family should be used to it by now?! I’m not a fan of those chain texts, emails and BB messages people blast to all their contacts. I appreciate the gesture but I find them impersonal.

I had a seriously awesome time at church New Year ’s Eve and was so shattered when I got home at some ridiculous hour of the morning, I spent most of the 1st in bed. My mother was not impressed when I called her on the 2nd.

“Your own year started today abi?!”

Trust the woman to harass me. Lol.

How are you all? It’s been too long. I really miss all my cyber buddies. I’ve gone ghost from Twitter, Facebook and the likes so I’m out of touch with cyber goings on.

I typically don’t make resolutions at the start of the year because every time I put myself under pressure to do something, I fail woefully. That said, this year there’s one thing I’m determined to do…wear pants more often!!! By pants I mean trousers and NOT underwear. J.

Every time I wear pants, people notice…it’s that bad. It’s not my fault though, I find skirts and dresses easier to shop for. Every time I go shopping for pants I get SO frustrated. I never find stuff that fits the way I like so I resigned myself to my fate. This year, I’m changing my ways. By hook or crook I must wear trousers. If you know any stores that sell pants suitably cut for women gifted in the nether regions, please let me know!

In other news, I’m on the hunt for fun things to do on this blog. One thing I want to do is share my love of music with you. Still trying to work out the best way to do that but if you have any ideas, I’m all ears! Waila will be fun this year, she has to be!

I have no doubt this year will be a positively unforgettable one for me. Exciting times lie in wait. My mother has been my scapegoat on this blog but I suspect she is about to be cut some slack. Gentleman, get ready to be exposed!!! *wink*

Thank you guys for reading and putting up with my inconsistency in the latter part of last year. In the words of Sam Cooke, “A Change is Gonna Come!”




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