Waila’s Free Writings

Hey guys,

One of the things I’d like to do this year is work on my writing by writing more frequently and writing outside of my comfort zone. I have the attention span of a flickering light bulb so I find it pretty difficult to focus. Plus I’m lacking inspiration at the moment so I can’t think of anything I want to write about.

I ran a search on creative writing exercises on Google and stumbled on an ideas generator that I quite like. You literally hit a button and it throws up a random topic for you to tackle. The rule of the exercise is that you have to free write i.e. put your pen to paper and pour out whatever comes to mind for a specified length of time, in my case, 10mins. You’re not allowed to pause in those 10mins and you’re not allowed to edit.

It’s perfect for me because it also means I get to write honestly without over thinking what I write. Don’t expect to uncover all my secrets but I will aim to be as open as I can manage.

Till I get bored of this ideas generator (and I know I will), I’ll post my free writing exercises. The subjects are SO random. I’ve just generated a few ideas and I’m having palpitations!

I’ve just done my first one. Fingers crossed they’ll all be worth reading.



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