name change

This, That and The Other

Hi Folks,

I cannot begin to tell you how eventful my life has been in the last two months. But for God and my faith, I can categorically say I wouldn’t still be standing. I have seen the grace and power of God at work in ways I’d only read of in books and I tell you, that stuff is real!

I was in Nigeria for a couple of weeks in July to see my darlings Stinkus and Yoda married off traditional style. Super exciting! The more difficult the test, the more precious the certificate so guys, get ready for your double platinum award. *wink*. Stinkus’ makeup was done by my other lover Stella of Stella’s Addiction! She did a fantastic job! So proud of my moin-moin! Need a make-up artist? Look no further!

There are few people in the world that can make me buy aso-ebi (native fabric) and tie gele (traditional head scarf) and Stinkus is one of them. Lol. I almost never like pictures of myself because I am not photogenic but I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of my back view…it’s more palatable. Lol. My dress was made by my friend Desola of Daisy’s Wardrobe. I love how talented my friends are!

In other news, as I told you all a few weeks ago, I have changed my name and yes, it IS legal. I’ve had all sorts of reactions to the news and the experience has helped distinguish (like I didn’t know them already) the people who REALLY know me on this planet. For the most part, it’s been positive. I am especially touched by those who don’t understand it but out of respect and trust (in my state of mind. lol), have accepted it regardless. As expected, the pill has been hardest for certain members of my family to swallow. Much as I love them, I make no apologies for the decision I have made. They may never understand it but I am okay with that.

Growing up, I always got in trouble with my teachers for scribbling my name on anything in sight. Tables, chairs, walls…nothing was exempt. In my final year at secondary school, I was at a prefects meeting and in typical fashion, was doodling my name all over my notebook when one of my colleagues interrupted with the words, “You’re really proud of your name aren’t you?”

She couldn’t have been more correct.

I was (and still am) very proud of the name. It represented who I was and given that my father is six feet underground and responsible for naming me, there was a sentimental attachment to it too. This is without doubt the most difficult thing I’ve had to do in my life to date so anyone that thinks I did this on a whim or for whatever other frivolous reason is sorely mistaken and doesn’t know me at all.

After my name change post, I got my first rude comment on this blog. It was funny actually. Made me feel like I’d finally been inducted into blogosphere proper.  I deleted it of course. I’m not opposed to people openly disagreeing with me but I draw the line at being insulted in such spectacular fashion. Something about being stupid, having slave mentality and wanting to be white and blah blah blah. See me see trouble?! Lol.

In other news, I flew Arik for the first time ever and it was an experience. Was apprehensive as I’m a BA girl through and through and didn’t know what to expect. I had different experiences on both legs of the flight and seeing as I didn’t have much to do mid air, documented them. Stay tuned.