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Waila Rants: Manners 101

Today is rant day. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Courtesy, the showing of politeness in one’s attitude and behaviour toward others, is a dying concept and I am sincerely worried for mankind. Whether you are an eighty year old pensioner or a three year old running around in diapers (do three year olds still wear diapers?), there is absolutely no excuse for bad manners.

I concede that some human beings have the capacity to invoke rage in a dead man but provocation is but a temptation that can be overcome.  It is easy to succumb to and justify bad manners when provoked but hanging on to good character against the odds is a thousand times more admirable.

At the very least, we must learn to say please, thank you and sorry. All it costs is the parting of our lips. If you capable of opening your mouth, you are capable of being polite.


Why all the grammar?

I got a message from a strange number on WhatsApp (another rant for another day). The message read;

“Get me a bottle of cologne. It is my entitlement as Chief.”

I was convinced it had to be a mistake, there was no other explanation for such nonsense finding its way to my mobile phone.

I replied, “Huh?! Who is this?”

“Chief xxx. Buy me a cologne.”

I recognised the name and realised it wasn’t a mistake; the person is a member of my extended family. Words cannot express the depth of the anger that possessed me, not least because my relationship with the person does not exist beyond the realms of “hello” and “goodbye”. His sense of entitlement knocked me for six, grandiose delusions of the nth degree. Even if he was my brother, same mother and father, and not just any kind of brother; my Siamese twin who was still attached to me and sharing one brain, he would still be bang out of order sending me a message like that.

For the sake of my own moral standing in the association of the moralistically upright, I ignored his subsequent messages. I was sorely tempted to give him a lecture on begging etiquette but I had to take one for the team.  Team, and by that I mean mother, you owe me.

I’ll rant no more but I beseech thee, if you do nothing else in life, please do manners.